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Billabong “BRO’ed OUT”!! to First 1000 40% Off for life!

Cape Town Superb is going to get you “BRO’ed OUT”!! – What does this mean?

When Billabong first started SWINDLE it was an online platform for their mates to have quick and easy access to top quality, well-priced surf, skate and beach gear. They’ve now opened Swindle to the public, but still have their small circle of “Bro Customers” that get special discounts.

Being a part of the BRO PROGRAM means you get discounts on all GSM brands (Billabong, VonZipper, Element, Dot Dash, Xcel, DaKine, Sector 9 and Kustom) on Swindle and in all Billabong and Element stores nationwide.

When you log in to your Swindle account, you’ll find that all products are automatically discounted. In-store you will need to provide identification (ID or driver’s license) for your discount to apply. If an item is already on sale, there will be no further discount but the lowest price will apply. Below is a breakdown of which dicounts apply to which brands.


1. To get the SECRET code, login on Cape Town Superb facebook button top right and share this post, you will see the code on your facebook wall. (share is required)

2. Visit this URL : http://billabongloyalty.co.za add your info and code and done!

Happy shopping and don’t hesitate to contact us at info@swindle.co.za with any questions!

Discount % subject to change, valid in South Africa only! Any changes will be communicated via email.

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Tennis partners Carlos Gomes and Wendy Thompson are undertaking the impossible to set a new Guinness World Record in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for their charity, Grass Roots Tennis. They will attempt to play a singles match for 65 hours straight (the current record stands at 63hrs 20min) with only a 5-minute break every hour – so that’s effectively playing tennis straight for 2 and half days!

“The Grass Roots Tennis charity started when Wendy and I played a league match at the Khayelitsha Tennis Club. We were shocked at the conditions that they have to endure to play this sport we both love,” explains Carlos. “Not only do most of these kids have unimaginable challenges at home and in their daily lives, but now they face these conditions when doing something we take for granted, playing tennis. Even under these conditions we were welcomed with open arms and massive smiles. The enthusiasm and joy we witnessed was heart-warming and saddening at the same time. We just felt that we needed to do something! We decided that by breaking a Guinness World Record we would be able to generate awareness and attract sponsors for our charity,” Continue reading “GUINNESS TENNIS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT” »

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