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Buzz about Cape Town a must read...

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Whale Watching Cape Town

This is by far the most amazing ways to see whales in Cape Town, over 50+ whales along side the boat. To the delight of everyone on-board they put on a show that one would call priceless.

Check out this whale boat tour…

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Shakespeare at Maynardville

Both the names Shakespeare and Maynardville open air theatre have rich and well beloved long histories, when these two names are joined, one is faced with the incredibly famous Shakespeare in the park productions that have been a resident experience enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of Shakespearean lovers as well as the general public alike since the Shakespeare in-the-park inception by Maynard open air theatre in 1955. Continue reading “Shakespeare at Maynardville” »

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Coffee Weekly About The Grind

  • The Foodbarn Deli

    August 4, 2016


    With an holistic and vibrantly new age approach to food and all things delicious, The Foodbarn Deli is not only a restaurant, a brilliant catering option for any and all events as

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  • coffee twists and tricks

    Coffee Twists and Tricks

    It is a fact that a world war would begin without coffee, and amongst coffee lover women it is said...

    July 12, 2016

  • La-Bottega-Restaurant

    La Bottega Restaurant

    Woodstock, Cape Town has become a revamped artistic hub of absolute awesomeness, nestling the most...

    May 11, 2016

  • bora-99553_960_720

    Things to do in Cape Town in Winter

    Cape Town winters are quite cold and unpredictable, there are stormy days mixed with days of...

    May 1, 2016



  • The Legendary Van Hunks

    August 25, 2016


    In Cape Town’s City Bowl you will find the eclectic Kloof street, home to many exquisite restaurants, pubs and a scattering of curio stores. Van Hunks resides on this street

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