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Vision View: Clearly the right choice to be seen in Cape Town


Choosing new spectacles is a something everyone should take seriously. There is a very fine line between practicality and style and your glasses and how they make you look and feel is a lifestyle choice that has the carefully balance functionality and fashion.

For the fashion conscience individual that expects more than average, where style must be unmistakable and customer service impeccable in Cape Town there is only one place to get that all important pair of designer spectacles.  Vision View on Kloof street in Cape Town consider themselves to be optometrists with attitude, pushing the boundaries of style to the limits of innovation making each pair of spectacles as unique as the eyes of wearer themself.

Vision View encourages customers to be innovative and adventurous in their choice of eyewear without neglecting the very real eye health facts that must take top priority. Trendy and stylish eyewear must not come at the price that blinds or impairs the vision of a customer. The experienced team of enthusiastic, creative and highly professional eye care staff who bridge the gap between fashion and functionality is what makes Vision View the optometrist of choice for the fashion conscious spectacle wearers in Cape Town.

14099698_1750463295192473_140433768_nVision View brings an urban and edgy mix of contemporary eyewear designs that go beyond the conventional limits the ordinary optometrists ever dare to go and combines creative skills and a true understanding of fashion with outstanding, old-school customer service that not only delivers individuality in the frames and glasses provided, but treats each customer as the individual they deserve and demand to be treated as. Cape Town has a new name in eye care and that name is Vision View.

To live and work in Cape Town One needs to look trendy and cool and having the right name and the right brand speaks volumes in some circles and in some cases is the only way in to a particular group. Vision View understands that only the best will do for many Capetonians and for this reason they match their outstanding levels of eye care and service with the very best global brands and international designer labels.  Having a wide range of trendy and stylish frames from the likes of Ray-Ban and Police is one thing but taking it up a level with the likes of Etnia Barcelona, Tom Ford and Garrett Leight California among other designer names is clearly what makes Vision View the most prestigious of optometrists. If these names mean nothing to you but you are puzzled as to why you just don’t seem to have the style that certain people have then you need to get yourself down Lifestyle on Kloof in the heart of Gardens in Cape Town to have your eyes properly opened.

If you want to be seen in Cape Town then you need to see more clearly, to see more clearly with some eye care advice as well as advice on the best style of designer eyewear that you should be wearing this season there is only one place to go and that place is vision view and is where you need to be seen first if you want to be seen!

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In the last few years 7 new wonders of the world have been decided upon.

With votes from all over the world the list took a number of years to complete and the final votes tallied. One of the new modern 7 natural wonders is something that is on the bucket list of many people to see along with the city it is in and the country that contains both.

Table Mountain rises up out of the sea behind the city of Cape Town and is one of the most majestic sights anyone can imagine. For hundreds of years the mountain has been admired and adored by people from the early trade days when Cape Town was little more than a stop off point for fresh water for sailing ships to the modern tourists of today.

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The Amazing View Points of Cape Town

Cape Town is a city of tremendous natural and even man made beauty here are just 5 views that must be seen in Cape Town.

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