With votes from all over the world the list took a number of years to complete and the final votes tallied. One of the new modern 7 natural wonders is something that is on the bucket list of many people to see along with the city it is in and the country that contains both.

Table Mountain rises up out of the sea behind the city of Cape Town and is one of the most majestic sights anyone can imagine. For hundreds of years the mountain has been admired and adored by people from the early trade days when Cape Town was little more than a stop off point for fresh water for sailing ships to the modern tourists of today.

With its flat top the mountain is a one of a kind mountain and when the weather is right, or wrong depending on how you view it, mother nature places her own white table cloth over the mountain preparing a feast for the eyes of everyone who looks up. Table Mountain is a true modern day 7th wonder, with one of the most diverse variety of flora and fauna the mountain and the surrounding parks is home to some of the most spectacular and rare plants in the world. For anyone climbing the mountain they can be assured of seeing plants and wildlife that will only grow and thrive in the small area of land around the mountain such is the uniqueness of the place.

Local Capetonians love their mountain, it is amazing how few have actually been to the top, and the mountain is used as a compass point for anyone giving or receiving directions. Locals will say “with your back to the mountain turn left” and suchlike, Table Mountain is a vital part of the city and city life so much so that there will always be a certain jealousy from other cities that arises because of the mountain and nothing else.

Table Mountain is easily accessible for anyone. The first option for those with a little more stamina is to climb up and then down along one of the many routes up the mountain, some more challenging than others. Visitors are often disillusioned and soon learn that while the mountain with the flat top looks like an easy climb she is very much a challenge.

Secondly there is the world famous Table Mountain cable car, for those who have climbed up and need and easy route down this is perfect and for those without the energy to climb then the cableway is the ideal way to make your way to the summit. Often at certain times of the year there are discount rates to use the cable car so that more visitors can enjoy what is easily one of the most spectacular and romantic sunsets in the world.

For those who want a little more and those who want to get an idea of just how vast and truly awesome Table Mountain is then a helicopter tour is a must. From the hustle and bustle of the V and A Waterfront a short 20-minute helicopter flip over the mountain and the Cape Peninsula is often the highlight of any visit to Cape Town. From high above the mountain top visitors can see Cape Town as only Table Mountain can see the city and one soon understands just why Cape Town is so very special.

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